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I was published today.

Today marks another first for me. An article of mine has been published for the first time in a national magazine. The only previous publication of mine was an advertisement I designed for A/V Tronics. This time the latest AAERT newsletter features a… more »
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30 weeks until baby!

I am so excited today! We went to see the OBGYN yesterday and had an ultrasound done on my 10 week pregnant wife. In the picture you can make out a head, some stubby little arms, and two little feet on either side of the umbilical cord! Can you believe… more »


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The Internet Movie Database

For movie research, nothing beats the Internet Movie Database. The IMDB maintains a list of every movie you've ever heard of, and thousands more you probably haven't. They also list movies that are in production but have not been released. Here is a… more »
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Do you want to work from home?

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to work at home and make good money doing it? How about being able to find a job like this without having to sort through the 1000's of scams and rip-offs that ask you to pay a startup fee but never… more »
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T-Mobile / Nokia 6101 The Nokia 6101 is a better phone than I first thought it would be for a $65 phone. We got a very good deal on this phone at a T-Mobile booth in the Superstition Springs mall, Mesa. The coolest feature I've found with this… more »
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My first blog post!

I'm sitting here at 12:30 at night trying to integrate this blog software into my website. I love technology. :) more »
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