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Andrew's first haircut!

Andrew got his first haircut today. The video is on YouTube, more »
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Gorgeous homes on a huge man-made island shaped like a palm tree? Crazy but true in Dubai. How am I going to get any work done on Tuesday without internet radio? I've done my part, please join me in sending letters to all of your representatives in… more »


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Cats that look like Hitler

Disturbing, but strangely addictive. It's a blog featuring real cats that unfortunately look like Adolf himself! more »


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And now for some... (drum roll) VIDEO!!

I've put up some videos of Andrew here and will be adding more as they come available. Check it out! more »
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Dream Cars!

Who hasn't dreamed of owning a fast and expensive sports car at some point in their life? Wrecked Exotics is a website that shows you people who have had (and then lost) some really sweet cars. It almost brings a tear to my eye! Ever wondered what your… more »


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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...


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Question of the day...

What exactly is Chicktionary, and why are so many people going crazy over this game??? I went to try it out at and found out that my browser isn't loaded with the latest version of Shockwave Player.… more »
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