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When will you get your 2008 IRS rebate check?


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When will you get your 2008 IRS rebate check?


I've been asked a few times when the IRS tax rebates are going to go out. I'm referring to the extra money for the economic stimulus package, not the normal yearly tax refund.

An article has recently been posted explaining that the IRS will be issuing the rebates earlier than expected. The exact date you receive a stimulus check will depend largely on the last two digits of your Social Security number. On jointly filed returns, the mailing schedule will be based on the first Social Security number listed, the IRS said. For taxpayers who filed by April 15 and had their tax refunds deposited directly into a bank or other financial account, the IRS will send stimulus payments starting Monday. It estimates direct-deposit payments will be complete by May 2.

What are you planning to do with your money? Possibly buy a cool new toy, like an Apple Ipod or Macbook?

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