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Leo Polus is now my PC Techs

Leo Polus, the computer repair and website design company located in Phoenix, Arizona has changed names. Our new name is my PC Techs. We still provide the same great service. For expert computer repair and website design at only $50/hour, please visit… more »


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A Beagle named Sofia

This is one super-cool dog, they could have named her Houdini. The ending is classic! more »


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Petrified Forest National Park

The Petrified Forest National Park (and Painted Desert) in Northeastern Arizona is a place of outstanding natural beauty and history. My family and I visited there recently and had a wonderful time exploring all that this amazing park has to offer. In… more »
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A hawk flying over Puerco Pueblo

I've captured this short video clip of a hawk flying over Puerco Pueblo, Native American ruins in the Petrified Forest National Park. more »
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Alex and the Granite Reef Dam run

Alex recently ran in her first Cross Country meet. 14 miles, from Loop 101 to the the Granite Reef Dam. Located off of Bush Highway (North Power Road), Granite Reef Dam is on the Salt River (Phoenix) and has a cool little park where people can take in… more »
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More Recent Pictures

A few pictures taken recently. Yes mom, you can print these. :) more »
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