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White Christmas 2008


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White Christmas 2008


2008 and Christmas was a snowy White Christmas!

Christmas at Grandma's house is always a blast. Especially this year, where a freakish snow storm dumped snow that stayed on the ground for 4 days. Unheard of in Las Vegas!

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If you're ever looking for a relaxing snowy mountain get-away, look no further than Mount Charleston Lodge, 800-955-1314. The cabins here are roomy single family units that stand alone, which is great - you can make all the noise you want and don't need to worry about people next door calling the police on you :). The lodge is nestled away in a beautiful canyon and the rooms have an amazing view out over the valley below. Each unit has a whirlpool tub and fireplace. Overall, I was very impressed with the room value.

We brought our scarves and gloves and several bottles of French Merlot wine from Trader Joes (you have to try this wine to understand what you're missing). It was an awesome experience. The restaurant right next door (in walking distance) is a great place to hang out and suck down some hot chocolate while watching the snow fall outside. Make sure you don't leave without asking them to make you a 'girl scout cookie', it's a drink with hot chocolate.

If you're interested in tips of what to wear in the snow, try here and here. You should also check the local weather conditions before heading up, to see if snow chains or tires are required to get up the mountain.

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Check out this super intense snowball fight that is too intense to actually believe that it's real!

On a tip from a friend, we tried the Bellagio Buffet. It's a descent lunch service and I'd go back. There was a huge selection of just about everything you could want to eat (including Shanghai noodles, very tasty). As an added bonus, around Christmas time they really do a good job of decorating the inside. Here you can see the Christmas trees and other garden decorations. Our favorite spot in Bellagio is Fix, which is a quiet, relaxing spot to take in a few evening drinks.

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Some other misc. pictures and a note: The MGM in Las Vegas is the absolute WORST place we have ever stayed, and we've been to quite a few Las Vegas properties. Their customer service was pathetic! The room was OK, but the rest of the property really let us down. We were both looking forward to our visit there and left very disappointed and have decided never to stay there again. On a positive note, we went to see the Blue Man Group at The Venetian and that was simply an amazing show. Highly recommended and I will be back to see it again some day.

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On a closing note, today is a lucky day for soccer fans. You get to see the first ever video taken of future infamous STRIKER Andrew Morris training for his career as a world famous football (soccer to you American blokes) player.

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