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Johan Sebastian Bach


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Johan Sebastian Bach


Welcome our new family member, Sebastian. Sebastian picked Marlies as his owner at the local animal shelter and was rescued two weeks ago. The shelter doesn't have complete records for this dog, but several of our friends who have looked at him swear that he's a pure-bread yellow lab. This pup is only a year old and LOVES to chew up everything in site. His favorite snack so far is Andrew's dirty socks. :)

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Sebastian and his new friend Mozart get along great now that the battle is over and Mozart has emerged as Alpha. More than anything, Mozart is overjoyed to have a friend to play with that looks like him, walks like him and can help him dig holes in the back yard.

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Comment from: Alana - nightlife cagayan de oro
Alana - nightlife cagayan de oro

What a cutie pet dog..You have vigorous pets.,that’s nice!

02/05/10 @ 04:17
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