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Arizona Balloon Classic

Video highlights from the Arizona Balloon Classic, 2011 in Chandler.   more »


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Train Rolling Down the Tracks

We drove alongside this train for miles on I-8 until we finally got ahead of it. We pulled over and took this close-up video of the train rolling down the rails in Welton, Arizona. more »
  02:23:48 pm, by Andre Morris   , 8 words  
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Kites on the Beach

Flying kites on the beach in San Diego. more »
  12:09:02 pm, by Andre Morris   , 11 words  
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Birds in a Trash Can

Caught this video of birds fighting over trash. Nothing too fancy. more »
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Sunset Cliffs in San Diego

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean from Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. more »
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San Diego Zoo Skyfari

Take a ride in the San Diego Zoo Skyfari! Going from one end of the zoo to the other, this overhead ride takes you high above the animals and offers a gorgeous view of the park and parts of San Diego. more »
  02:29:02 am, by Andre Morris   , 18 words  
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San Diego Zoo Animals (Video)

Video from the San Diego Zoo during a vacation November 2011. Koala Bear, Black Panther, Polar Bear, Lions, Elephants. more »
  12:54:06 am, by Andre Morris   , 54 words  
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San Diego Zoo

Pictures from our November 2011 family vacation to the San Diego Zoo. The pictures are broken up into two collections, one album is on Facebook and the other is on Google+. Facebook San Diego Zoo Pics:… more »
  12:51:05 am, by Andre Morris   , 22 words  
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The BEST Pizza in San Diego? Pizzeria Luigi!

Some pictures of the exceptional pizza from Pizzeria Luigi in San Diego: more »
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