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BNI Ahwatukee Sharks

I am now an official member of the best business networking group in town! The BNI Ahwatukee Sharks. Check us out: more »


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Ahwatukee Rough Riders Club Baseball Team

The Ahwatukee Rough Riders, a 10U club baseball team in Phoenix, Arizona, is looking for new players to join the roster. If you are interested in trying out for the team please submit a tryout request via the website more »


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Funny Dog Lover T-Shirt

make custom gifts at Zazzle more »


  02:01:38 pm, by Andre Morris   , 75 words  
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Social Choice Awards | Best Family Attraction in Arizona

Want a fun place to take your kids in Arizona? Arizonans have voted, see what they have picked as the best family attraction in Arizona. more »


  04:25:41 pm, by Andre Morris   , 21 words  
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Website Design News and Information

Linking to a resource where you can learn about website design, including industry news and related information! more »


  05:36:04 am, by Andre Morris   , 90 words  
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Social Choice Awards | Best Pizza in Arizona

Vote for your favorite Arizona pizza place in the 2012 Social Choice Award. more »


  12:36:44 am, by Andre Morris   , 20 words  
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Social Media Marketing Combined with Business Social Networking, Phoenix, AZ

  Video from the Phoenix, Arizona Social Media Marketing and Business Social Networking Seminar. May 17, 2012 From the Social Network Princess. more »


  11:44:43 pm, by Andre Morris   , 46 words  
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Solar Eclipse and Sunset - May 2012

Solar eclipse and sunset from Arizona more »


  01:05:51 am, by Andre Morris   , 53 words  
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Facebook Business Page Tab Referral App

Take a look at this cool application on Facebook. Like the page, then refer your friends using the app. Every friend you refer to the energy savings program will earn you a cool $50! Be sure you enter my name into the 'who referred YOU' box! CLICK… more »


  04:53:07 pm, by Andre Morris   , 28 words  
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VIDEO: Hail Storm in Arizona

Capturing HD video of a hail storm in Phoenix, AZ on March 18, 2012. The storm came as part of a big cold front as temperatures dropped by 20 degrees overnight. more »


  03:53:03 pm, by Andre Morris   , 25 words  
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Promote Your Arizona Company Event or Story

Promote your Arizona business event, announcement, or story on the Arizona Business News page. Click the image for more details! Sponsored by Social Network Arizona. more »


  01:34:56 pm, by Andre Morris   , 75 words  
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Best School in Arizona? ASU, NAU, or U of A

Vote now or view results for the poll: Vote now for your favorite Arizona University. Which is the best school in the state of Arizona? Arizona State University - ASU Northern Arizona University - NAU University of Arizona - U of A    … more »


  06:18:50 pm, by Andre Morris   , 77 words  
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Boudoir Photography in Phoenix, Arizona

Now here's a local company with an interesting product! My friend Diane is an experienced Phoenix area photographer and she has started a new website, Best Phoenix Boudoir! She provides Boudoir Photography and, for those unfamiliar with the term… more »


  11:22:16 pm, by Andre Morris   , 37 words  
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The Arizona Business Directory - Shop Local Arizona!

The Arizona Business Directory can help you find local vendors for your home or business needs. The directory lists Arizona businesses contact and social media information. For companies in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Tucson and all surrounding… more »


  09:59:36 pm, by Andre Morris   , 46 words  
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Viral Social Media Contest - Show Me the Money!

Want to win $100? Check out the Show Me the Money contest put on by seenBEST Web Design in Phoenix, Arizona. This is an example of their viral social media contest services, but the contest is also REAL meaning if you participate you'll be entered to… more »


  11:07:35 pm, by Andre Morris   , 29 words  
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Staying Alive

An interesting story of how one Arizona company is thriving in tough times. Take a look: Cochise Company, an Arizona gas station construction firm staying alive in tough times more »


  07:22:58 pm, by Andre Morris   , 14 words  
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Arizona Balloon Classic

Video highlights from the Arizona Balloon Classic, 2011 in Chandler.   more »


  08:15:33 pm, by Andre Morris   , 34 words  
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Train Rolling Down the Tracks

We drove alongside this train for miles on I-8 until we finally got ahead of it. We pulled over and took this close-up video of the train rolling down the rails in Welton, Arizona. more »
  02:23:48 pm, by Andre Morris   , 8 words  
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Kites on the Beach

Flying kites on the beach in San Diego. more »
  12:09:02 pm, by Andre Morris   , 11 words  
Categories: Mush

Birds in a Trash Can

Caught this video of birds fighting over trash. Nothing too fancy. more »
  10:40:41 am, by Andre Morris   , 11 words  
Categories: Mush

Sunset Cliffs in San Diego

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean from Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. more »
  06:14:33 am, by Andre Morris   , 41 words  
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San Diego Zoo Skyfari

Take a ride in the San Diego Zoo Skyfari! Going from one end of the zoo to the other, this overhead ride takes you high above the animals and offers a gorgeous view of the park and parts of San Diego. more »
  02:29:02 am, by Andre Morris   , 18 words  
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San Diego Zoo Animals (Video)

Video from the San Diego Zoo during a vacation November 2011. Koala Bear, Black Panther, Polar Bear, Lions, Elephants. more »
  12:54:06 am, by Andre Morris   , 54 words  
Categories: Mush

San Diego Zoo

Pictures from our November 2011 family vacation to the San Diego Zoo. The pictures are broken up into two collections, one album is on Facebook and the other is on Google+. Facebook San Diego Zoo Pics:… more »
  12:51:05 am, by Andre Morris   , 22 words  
Categories: Mush

The BEST Pizza in San Diego? Pizzeria Luigi!

Some pictures of the exceptional pizza from Pizzeria Luigi in San Diego: more »


  11:41:13 am, by Andre Morris   , 29 words  
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Arizona Business News

Take a look at this social media Arizona Business News provided by Social Network Arizona. Pulling daily news updates from Arizona companies from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. more »


  11:18:35 pm, by Andre Morris   , 64 words  
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Arizona Business Directory

The Social Network Princess has put together a few good step-by-step video tutorials with instructions on how to add or edit links in the Arizona Business Directory. The Arizona Business Directory, provided by Social Network Arizona, is a company… more »


  08:42:57 am, by Andre Morris   , 38 words  
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Ahwatukee School Benefits from Company Technology Upgrade

Addressing the current shortage in education funding, Reliance Build, Inc., an Arizona-based general contracting firm, donated computer systems and equipment to Ambassador Academy, a Phoenix, Arizona, 501(c)(3) charter school. Read more:… more »


  08:03:21 am, by Andre Morris   , 18 words  
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The Star Spangled Banner

United States of America flag raising ceremony at a school in Arizona, set to The Star Spangled Banner. more »


  12:19:36 pm, by Andre Morris   , 99 words  
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Craning Video

Craning is a FAD that functions the same as planking and owling. Your objective is to stand on top of something (a post, wall, etc.) and pose using a crane kick technique. From there you have your picture taken or make a video. The goal is to have the… more »


  11:44:15 pm, by Andre Morris   , 27 words  
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Funny Womens T-Shirt

"This Area Under Surveillance" hilarious ladies t-shirt from Zazzle. My daughter's first creation of what is sure to be a long and prosperous career in fashion LOL. more »


  01:04:53 am, by Andre Morris   , 98 words  
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Need Help with Google+?

If you need help with the Google+ Project, Google's new social network, there's an article for you that just might help. The Google+ Help (Google Plus Help) article on Squidoo has information, tips, guides, and tutorials to: Understand what Google+ is… more »


  10:13:13 pm, by Andre Morris   , 37 words  
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Google+ Guide - A Beginners Tutorial for Using Google Plus

The following YouTube video walks the Google+ user through creating a Google+ account, logging in, and using the system. This should help anyone who is confused with the basics of starting with Google+. Getting Started with Google+ more »


  09:47:05 pm, by Andre Morris   , 51 words  
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Casey Anthony + What's HOT! in Search July 4, 2011

A new video blog entitled "What's HOT! in Search" for July 4, 2011 has been released. A link to the video: Casey Anthony and What's HOT! in Search for July 4, 2011 Topics for this issue: Casey Anthony, Joey Chestnut, Breastfeeding, Daniel Radcliffe,… more »


  10:59:49 am, by Andre Morris   , 21 words  
Categories: Mush

4th of July Fireworks 2011

4th of July Fireworks Show from the Ahwatukee Red, White, and Boom in Phoenix, Arizona: 4th of July Fireworks on YouTube more »


  07:26:09 pm, by Andre Morris   , 31 words  
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Google has Updated Pagrank on June 27, 2011

Google has updated their Pagerank indicators today. For more information on what Pagerank is and how to use it, visit the seenBEST Web Design blog: more »


  02:52:50 am, by Andre Morris   , 74 words  
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What's HOT! in Search? Powered by Google Trends. June 20, 2011

A new video blog entitled "What's HOT! in Search" has been debuted by seenBEST Web Design. This video blog covers hot search topics for the week and features Alex Potash. Pretty exciting, check it out! A link to the video blog can be found here:… more »


  10:08:05 pm, by Andre Morris   , 156 words  
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Computer Technician | Computer Support and Repair Job Available

my PC Techs, Expert Solutions You Can Trust is HIRING! my PC Techs is a locally owned team of information technology professionals based in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide honest affordable technology services to business and individual clients throughout… more »


  02:26:12 pm, by Andre Morris   , 33 words  
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Youtube Paper Signs Parody. The Coolest Dogs on the Internet are Right Here!

Parody of all the paper sign people on the internet. These cool dogs explain how to be cool on the NET with a new YouTube comedy. more »
  08:46:09 am, by Andre Morris   , 63 words  
Categories: Mush

Twiends Facebook Tab | What Hapened with Twiends and Facebook?

Twiends, a popular social networking tool that allowed users to exchange Likes and Follows for Twitter and Facebook, was recently asked by Facebook to discontinue offering Facebook services. What happened, and why? This brief article walks over the… more »


  09:08:35 pm, by Andre Morris   , 71 words  
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Court Records and Documents for Arizona

Do you need to find court records or court documents fast? If you live in Arizona, I recommend a local service called York's Court Records and Documents. This is an awesome service, and it's extremely affordable. They help by researching all particulars… more »


  11:17:22 pm, by Andre Morris   , 63 words  
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LIKE it or LEAVE it! | Submit your picture for free | Social Photo Review

A new website LIKE it or LEAVE it is out which allows users to submit a free image along with their name and a website or blog URL. The photo is then put into rotation, and visitors to the site are able to discuss the picture and explain what they like… more »
  01:18:54 pm, by Andre Morris   , 75 words  
Categories: Mush

First Page on Google | A Beginners Guide to Ranking at the Top of Google Search

A new guide from seenBEST Web Design here entitled First Page on Google that describes, in simple to understand terms, how to perform basic search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. The guide describes the factors that go into ranking a page in… more »


  02:25:31 pm, by Andre Morris   , 53 words  
Categories: Mush

Google +1 Button | What it Means for Social | How to Add to Your Website

A new guide from seenBEST Web Design here talking about the new Google +1 (Plus One) button. The guide describes what the button is, what it means for your business and social search, and how you can add it to your existing websites. You can read the… more »


  12:24:06 pm, by Andre Morris   , 50 words  
Categories: Mush

Work From Home | Online Job

Work from home, work online. Training will be provided. seenBEST Web Design provides web and social marketing solutions. We need you to join our team! You will be participating on blogs, using Facebook, surfing the internet, and other similar… more »


  08:13:43 pm, by Andre Morris   , 10 words  
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Take a break, play PAC-MAN for free online!

Need a break? Play PAC-MAN for free online. Click here! more »


  05:47:45 am, by Andre Morris   , 40 words  
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seenBEST Web Design and a Fresh New Look

I am happy to announce a fresh new look for seenBEST Web Design. After many weeks of planning we are finally able to take the wraps off of our new website! Take a look: seenBEST Web Design's New Website (Link) more »


  10:12:27 pm, by Andre Morris   , 18 words  
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Red, White and Boom Proof of Concept Codes

Code samples for the Red, White and Boom Fireworks Display (Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce). Wide Banner: Tall Banner: more »


  08:44:26 pm, by Andre Morris   , 71 words  
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Service sector growth slowing through March, April, May 2011

Could the US economic recovery in 2011 be headed for a reversal? Read this interesting report that shows economic readings slowing down considerably. Some attribute this to rising gas prices. Oil prices plunged today and have been on a downward trend… more »


  12:41:30 am, by Andre Morris   , 100 words  
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Learning About Clickers

Have you ever heard of clickers before? They are these awesome little training tools that you can use to train your pets. Some people are even using them at weddings and for all kinds of unique applications. I have been reading some information about… more »
  12:31:01 am, by Andre Morris   , 154 words  
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Arnold Schwarzenegger splits with Maria Shriver - Acting to blame?!?!

The facts behind the recent news of Arnold Schwarzenegger splitting with his wife of 25 years are still a bit sketchy. My speculation? Maria wanted Arnold to take it easy and retire. It makes sense, the news stated simply that they have 'grown apart'. I… more »


  02:57:25 am, by Andre Morris   , 49 words  
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Two new technology jobs available in the Phoenix area

I am please to announce the availability of two new jobs for the Phoenix area! Please click on the following links to learn more: Job Opportunity: Computer Repair Technician / Mobile Field Computer Repair and IT Support for Phoenix, Arizona Job Offer:… more »


  12:06:34 am, by Andre Morris   , 47 words  
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Phoenix Dog Training

Are you having dog or puppy obedience issues? Tammy Wilson-Teeter is an expert dog trainer in Phoenix with over 20 years of experience. Click through to her website and take a look at the "Qualifications" section while… more »


  03:43:15 pm, by Andre Morris   , 13 words  
Categories: Mush

The decline of Digg

Popular social bookmarking site is being gradually replaced, with Facebook mostly to blame. more »
  03:38:47 pm, by Andre Morris   , 13 words  
Categories: Mush

Word on the street: Is Go Daddy for sale?

There is increasing speculation that Go Daddy is up for sale. Read more. more »
  03:31:35 pm, by Andre Morris   , 55 words  
Categories: Mush

IT companies scrambling to fill openings

Technology headhunting and consulting firm NetEffects Inc. of Chesterfield is sponsoring a job fair later this month to fill 170 information technology positions paying from $35,000 to more than $100,000. High-tech firm Savvis Inc., which went on a… more »


  05:48:10 am, by Andre Morris   , 651 words  
Categories: Mush

Computer Repair and IT Support Company my PC Techs Announces New Web Design, SEO, and Online Marketing Division

Phoenix, Arizona, September 06, 2010 my PC Techs, privately owned provider of expert computer repair and IT support solutions, today announced a new web design and online marketing division. The new division, "seenBEST Web Design," will specialize in… more »


  05:51:56 am, by Andre Morris   , 239 words  
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Acid Attacks - First in Canada and Now Arizona

I first heard about the original acid attack in Canada only a few days before the second one happened right here in Arizona. The police released a sketch of the alleged attacker: Sketch of a suspect in the first acid attack… more »


  10:30:21 am, by Andre Morris   , 0 words  
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Sad but true! Dilbert 8/29/2010


  01:39:54 am, by Andre Morris   , 37 words  
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Save 20% on Computer Repair, Web Design, SEO and Online Marketing

my PC Techs has recently posted coupons! Save 20% on Computer Repair in Phoenix, Arizona. They also have 20% off Web Design, SEO and Online Marketing. For the recent coupons, click here: more »


  01:23:59 am, by Andre Morris   , 101 words  
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Server sales jump

Despite all of the doom and gloom you'll read in the national news lately, there's one bright spot for IT support it seems. Server sales have jumped according to InfoWorld, and revenue for sales of computer services is up almost 11 percent on the year.… more »
  01:18:28 am, by Andre Morris   , 59 words  
Categories: Mush

Nifty little service for hard times

Stressed out and can't pay the bills? There's an innovative service that you may not have heard of called Billfloat. These guys will pay off current bills for you with a small loan, allowing you to pay them back later. You'll have to pay the bills back… more »


  03:44:46 pm, by Andre Morris   , 242 words  
Categories: Mush

Yahoo search results now powered by Bing

After reading today's news on SearchDay and then doing some research of my own (see below), it can be confirmed that the Yahoo search engine results are now powered by Bing. For those of us in the SEO industry, this is GREAT news. Bing still has some… more »
  08:52:45 am, by Andre Morris   , 201 words  
Categories: Mush

Adobe Flash Player for DROID today!

Those of us unfortunate enough to be on the Verizon network with the original Motorola Droid have had to wait much longer than most for the Android Froyo 2.2 update. While most Android phone users have already had the 2.2 Froyo update for some time,… more »


  03:45:56 pm, by Andre Morris   , 742 words  
Categories: Mush

Computer Technician - Still The Job of the Future

Not very long ago you could utter the phrase "my computer just crashed" and it probably didn't mean a whole lot. Maybe you would go a few hours without getting some of your work done, but you could work on other things until the problem was solved.… more »


  05:47:24 am, by Andre Morris   , 56 words  
Categories: Mush

US H-1B Program Likely to be Dramatically Restricted

InfoWorld reports on elements contained in an immigration bill, expected next year, that could "dramatically restrict" the US H-1B visa program. Senator Chuck Schumer has argued that multinational temp agencies "undercut U.S. wages and discourage… more »


  10:16:22 am, by Andre Morris   , 89 words  
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The philosophy "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is alive and well at Freecycle. Do you have something you no longer use, maybe it's broke and you don't have time to fix it? Don't throw it away! Visit and post your unwanted stuff… more »


  02:15:00 am, by Andre Morris   , 21 words  
Categories: Mush

Phoenix, Arizona Friends Links

A Squidoo link to blogs and other online resources of Friends in Phoenix, take a look: more »


  06:06:07 pm, by Andre Morris   , 37 words  
Categories: Mush

KB2286198 Microsoft Patch Released.

Microsoft has released a security update for Windows machines vulnerable to the damaging .lnk file vulnerability. Check Windows update and make sure you update your computers! Visit this page for more information: more »


  01:11:58 pm, by Andre Morris   , 3 words  
Categories: Mush

Another good Dilbert

2 in a row! more »
  01:05:19 pm, by Andre Morris   , 5 words  
Categories: Mush

Frantic bike ride :)

Give the man some Gatorade! more »



  12:47:46 pm, by Andre Morris   , 87 words  
Categories: Mush

Internet Explorer 9 BETA due for September release

Internet Explorer 9 BETA due for September release more »


  04:59:25 am, by Andre Morris   , 53 words  
Categories: Mush

Android wallpaper app that takes your data was downloaded by millions

If you own an Android phone, take a quick look at your installed apps and make sure you're not running any apps from Jackeey Wallpaper. There is something going on with this application that could be compromising your security! Google has said it has… more »
  04:55:27 am, by Andre Morris   , 110 words  
Categories: Mush

One sweet ride

I've been waiting for this announcement for about 6 months. The concept Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid pictures were released some time ago and the car simply looks AWESOME. The body style of this Porsche is simply out of this world, and the engineering… more »


  01:46:41 pm, by Andre Morris   , 535 words  
Categories: Mush

Can I borrow $25?

(Text copied from an email forwarded to me) A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door. SON: 'Daddy, may I ask you a question?' DAD: 'Yeah sure, what it is?' replied the man.. SON:… more »


  12:06:35 pm, by Andre Morris   , 78 words  
Categories: Mush

San Francisco 2010

Road trip from Phoenix, AZ to San Francisco - April 2010. Through Yosemite, Highway 120, the Bay Bridge, Pacifico, the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, Sonoma Valley, Carmel By-The-Sea and Highway 1, California. Pics:… more »


  12:08:34 am, by Andre Morris   , 36 words  
Categories: Mush

Speaking of Facebook

Become a fan! my PC Techs on Facebook: Andre Morris Facebook: Tempe Professionals on Facebook:… more »


  02:45:25 pm, by Andre Morris   , 7 words  
Categories: Mush

Pictures from Christmas 2009

Pictures from Christmas 2009 on Facebook. Click here. more »
  12:33:10 pm, by Andre Morris   , 62 words  
Categories: Mush

Video from Christmas 2009

Video from Christmas 2009 uploaded to YouTube. Click here The Morris family Christmas tree Andrew drives around in his new electric car Andrew and dad play ball at the park Sunset Park Christmas lights Mikayla plays her new guitar Andrew with… more »


  11:23:01 am, by Andre Morris   , 19 words  
Categories: Mush

Fall 2009

Memories from an amazing fall season, 2009 Click any picture to view the larger image...           more »


  11:42:29 pm, by Andre Morris   , 12 words  
Categories: Mush

You will look VERY cool in an extra large hat from Mexico

You will look VERY cool in an extra large hat from Mexico: more »


  02:02:45 am, by Andre Morris   , 29 words  
Categories: Mush

Of dogs and pirates

A DVD-sniffing anti-piracy dog named Paddy has uncovered a huge cache of 35,000 discs in Malaysian warehouses, many destined for export to Singapore, industry officials said on Wednesday. Read more... more »
  01:57:04 am, by Andre Morris   , 5 words  
Categories: Mush

The invisible car!

Art student's car vanishing act. more »
  01:50:54 am, by Andre Morris   , 26 words  
Categories: Mush

Driving the Apache Trail

VERY cool article. This is a great drive and a lot of fun, in the right car. :) more »
  01:46:28 am, by Andre Morris   , 16 words  
Categories: Mush

One Cent Tax Makes AZ 7th Highest In Nation

The state needs more money to pay for all of these fabulous freeway lane widening projects? more »
  01:32:57 am, by Andre Morris   , 14 words  
Categories: Mush

12 Essentials for Technology Integration in the classroom

12 Essentials for Technology Integration in the classroom : more »
  01:27:54 am, by Andre Morris   , 15 words  
Categories: Mush

Men With Big Muscles Cut Cancer Risk By 40%

Men With Big Muscles Cut Cancer Risk By 40%. Time to hit the gym, I guess? :) more »
  01:25:48 am, by Andre Morris   , 12 words  
Categories: Mush

Just joined the PHX twibe.

Just joined the Phoenix twibe. Visit to join. more »
  01:24:50 am, by Andre Morris   , 38 words  
Categories: Mush

Pandora: From the Brink of Death to Profitability

Even though we love PandoraPandora reviewsPandora reviews, there was a time when most of us, even Pandora?s founder, saw little hope that the startup could survive if Internet royalty rates for music were to rise. Read more... more »
  12:39:12 am, by Andre Morris   , 10 words  
Categories: Mush

Unbelievable picture, 65 years ago from the beaches of Normandy more »
  12:08:15 am, by Andre Morris   , 27 words  
Categories: Mush

@Sockington is WAAAAY cooler than you will ever be.

And here's the sad part, Sockington is a cat! The cat has gone from a couple hundred to half a million followers in about 3 months. Read more... more »
  12:04:29 am, by Andre Morris   , 17 words  
Categories: Mush

How Twitter can get you thrown in the pokey, part 2

All types of articles abound about people getting arrested for something they did on Twitter. Be careful. :) more »


  11:57:31 pm, by Andre Morris   , 6 words  
Categories: Mush

33 iPhone games for REAL gamers

33 iPhone games for REAL gamers. Link. more »
  11:52:20 pm, by Andre Morris   , 10 words  
Categories: Mush

64 Things Every Geek Should Know

64 Things Every Geek Should Know: more »
  11:50:51 pm, by Andre Morris   , 38 words  
Categories: Mush

This is your brain on Cheerios? Just say no!

Popular US breakfast cereal Cheerios is a drug, at least if the claims made on the label by its manufacturer General Mills are anything to go by, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said. Read more... more »
  11:36:25 pm, by Andre Morris   , 15 words  
Categories: Mush

Star Trek is best-reviewed movie of the year, grosses $7 million

Paramount's "Star Trek" opened on most of its 3,800 screens, grossing an estimated $7 million. Read more... more »
  11:34:29 pm, by Andre Morris   , 24 words  
Categories: Mush

The LA Times set up a special twitter acct for news on fires. Very cool way to use twitter! Check it out at @latimesfires .

The LA Times set up a special twitter acct for news on fires. Very cool way to use twitter! Check it out at @latimesfires . more »
  11:23:06 pm, by Andre Morris   , 14 words  
Categories: Mush

Online Poll: Poll: Do you ever buy groceries online?

Online Poll: Poll: Do you ever buy groceries online? more »
  11:21:01 pm, by Andre Morris   , 38 words  
Categories: Mush

Swine Flu Survival: Three Ways to Protect Yourself.

What can you do to protect yourself? "No single action will provide complete protection," the CDC notes, but taking a few steps can help reduce the likelihood of transmission of swine flu (or many other infections). Read more... more »

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