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Craning Video

Craning is a FAD that functions the same as planking and owling. Your objective is to stand on top of something (a post, wall, etc.) and pose using a crane kick technique. From there you have your picture taken or make a video. The goal is to have the… more »


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Need Help with Google+?

If you need help with the Google+ Project, Google's new social network, there's an article for you that just might help. The Google+ Help (Google Plus Help) article on Squidoo has information, tips, guides, and tutorials to: Understand what Google+ is… more »


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Google+ Guide - A Beginners Tutorial for Using Google Plus

The following YouTube video walks the Google+ user through creating a Google+ account, logging in, and using the system. This should help anyone who is confused with the basics of starting with Google+. Getting Started with Google+ more »


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LIKE it or LEAVE it! | Submit your picture for free | Social Photo Review

A new website LIKE it or LEAVE it is out which allows users to submit a free image along with their name and a website or blog URL. The photo is then put into rotation, and visitors to the site are able to discuss the picture and explain what they like… more »
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