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What's HOT! in Search? Powered by Google Trends. June 20, 2011


A new video blog entitled "What's HOT! in Search" has been debuted by seenBEST Web Design. This video blog covers hot search topics for the week and features Alex Potash. Pretty exciting, check it out!

A link to the video blog can be found here:

Topics for this issue:
Chlorophyll, Graves Disease, Ruse, The Departed, Buju Banton, Burn Notice, Playlist, Churchill Downs, NBA Draft 2011, and the Winklevoss Twins.


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Computer Technician | Computer Support and Repair Job Available


my PC Techs, Expert Solutions You Can Trust is HIRING!

my PC Techs is a locally owned team of information technology professionals based in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide honest affordable technology services to business and individual clients throughout the Phoenix metro area. Our goal is to help people better their lives through technology. We provide: computer hardware repair, software support, and a complete range of business IT Support services including consulting, upgrading, and server administration.

Immediate Hire: We are hiring immediately for a mobile computer repair / IT support technician. Your primary job function will include desktop, laptop, and server computer repair, computer installation, computer networking, software configuration, software installation, virus removal, user and email management, training, and general IT support. You must be able to service calls within the Phoenix metro area. Windows and Mac experience A+. Contract to hire.

Click here for details on this open job position:


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Youtube Paper Signs Parody. The Coolest Dogs on the Internet are Right Here!


Parody of all the paper sign people on the internet. These cool dogs explain how to be cool on the NET with a new YouTube comedy.

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Twiends Facebook Tab | What Hapened with Twiends and Facebook?


Twiends, a popular social networking tool that allowed users to exchange Likes and Follows for Twitter and Facebook, was recently asked by Facebook to discontinue offering Facebook services. What happened, and why? This brief article walks over the history of Twiends, the services it provides, and an overview of the situation between Twiends and Facebook as it develops.

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